p1060338The Feng Shui Yi Jing course 2017 was attended by 16 students from Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal, Chile, America, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Taïwan, Norway, and Brazil.

Feng Shui and Yi Jing are two very large subjects that would each take years to study in depth.

With only 2 weeks to explore those subjects, every class was extremely intensive and contained a lot of content. The students had a different background, some of them being already experienced in the subjects, and some of them having no foundations at all. Everyone having now obtained good foundations, those who have interest in it can go deeper in their studies after they go home.

Concerning Yi Jing, the students had the very rare opportunity to study the 6 lines method. Extremely detailed and complicated, this method allows an in-depth analysis of a casting of the Yi Jing. The purpose of teaching the 6 lines method is for our students to use the Yi Jing to understand more deeply people’s diseases and how to regulate them.

Concerning Feng Shui, the focus was set on studying concrete methods to regulate the outside environment and the inside environment of the Yang Abode, with the Eight Mansions and the Eight Characters methods.

 Our purpose to study Feng Shui and Yi Jing is to help other people regulate their health and recover from diseases, and we hope that all the students will maintain this upright intention to help others.