Martial arts, the Dao and Healing are unified. Those who study martial arts must understand healing precepts and the ones studying medicine must understand the Dao.

Also when we train or in everyday’s life we may suffer injuries and we must be able to regulate ourselves. We have many methods and the content of Daoist medicine is very broad, but if we learn some basic healing methods, understand them in their comprehensive system and become proficient at using them, then we can achieve very good results, regulate ourselves and help other people.

Recently a great door was opened. The Chinese Ministry of Health acknowledged the teaching of Daoist Medicine at the Five Immortals Temple, giving the opportunity to all the students who are interested in learning these contents to receive a legal certificate which allows them to practice in China and back home.

During our last Gong Fu course we started integrating the teaching of martial arts with the Daoist medicine. Together with intense training, we had 2 to 3 hours a day of theory and practice classes , where we learned basic syndrome differentiation, recognizing deficiency or excess patterns in order to choose the type of method to use.

We went through different methods : acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, scrapping, fire healing, music healing and Qi Gong healing. We also learned how to make our own medicinal alcohol and some basic medicinal plants decoctions for internal and external use. For disease, injuries and pain, to be able to relieve pain and help recovery, these methods can be very effective and fast, if one puts effort on learning and becomes proficient at it. We were able to treat each other’s body pains and discomforts applying the methods we learned, it was amazing how simple techniques can have great results. All medicine skills are based on our energy field. Our Qi influences the Qi in the meridians. In TCM these principles are not present. This is Daoist medicine.

One needs to train, to practice Gong and sitting meditation in order to become a healer. These requirements together with honesty, compassion, inclusivity and forgiveness are the channel which connects to a higher dimension and a pure healing energy field.

Every morning we were practicing the standing pillars and every evening we practiced Qi healing methods and sitting meditation.

These two months integrating longevity, Gong Fu and medicine gave us a good foundation and opened our minds to continue practicing and search for a deeper comprehension of healing methods.

This door is opened to anyone who wishes to put in honesty and effort in practicing and learning following the requirements of the Dao.