The most Initial Reverting to the Void
and the Hibernation of the Qi-Point

This is called the method of returning to the void and hiding one’s breathing.
One must slow down one’s breath as if a bear hibernating in winter or a snake hidden away passing the winter. Enter the chamber to face the wall and cultivate, put in time and effort into one’s Gong and pursue the reversion to the Dao.  It must be a quiet and secluded place, without noise and without any traffic of curious people and tourists, therefore one must seek seclusion.

One must be in a chamber of tranquillity and sit upright. With the spine straightened and every single bone of the vertebrae vertical Qi and blood can flow easily and communication can be established. Tuck in the chin and tilt the tailbone inwards. Place the tongue on the upper palate and refrain from closing the eyes completely. One must leave a thread of light entering the eyes in order to avoid falling into ‘Lost Oblivion’.

One must return one’s observation and illuminate the inside, concentrate one’s spirit and enter to the grounds of the ‘Gate of Life’:

“Knowing and not safeguarding;
First preserving and holding steadfast, later forgetting.
There is no way of resorting to language to expound on this.
One cannot be attached to thoughts,
but on the other hand one must not be without any intent,
otherwise it is utterly wrong.
It is without having and without not-having intent.”
One must empty the heart and concentrate one’s spirit, non-attached to form and appearance, not falling into a vain death. The void soul is not obscure and not confused, non-existent and no non-existent. Hold steadfast and nourish as if planting a fragile seed and silently and motionless illuminating, in stillness and without disorder. The spirit luminescence, the void soul is the light of illumination. Use three stove incenses as measurement for time, roughly equating three hours. But when one feels that the breathing is relaxed, gentle and comfortable, the empty void is free from inhibitions and carefree.

This is because it is the authentic and true ‘Skill of Preserving the Spirit and Reaching the Transformations’. The Skill has already accomplished the stage of the empty void, the empty soul and the empty divine; a condition of absent-mindedness and in-distinction. One must implement it for more or less forty-nine days.

If one during the daytime pursues one’s stocks, one’s heart being un-calm and un-settled, one’s mind-horse not being tied up, what is the use of spending three to four hours every day at night on this Skill?
If one is impeded and entangled in worries, being worn off by work and fatigued from earning money.
If one at daytime refines the self in the dusty society and at night time one practices sitting meditation, is this not meaningless?

Water and fire intermingle. This is the beginning of the sprouting of the True Seed and the True Yang is generated, i.e. the seed is growing larger and larger. Concentrate and illuminate for one hundred day, only then can one enter the inside, enter a cave and face the wall. Gradually concentrate, and gradually cease any post-heaven worry and form the elixir.

Concentrate the illumination for one hundred days, only then one can penetrate the three barriers and advance past the Orifices.

The heart-mind stops below the navel,
this is called ‘Concentrating the Spirit’.
The Qi is hidden away and hibernating below the navel,
this is called ‘Embryonic Breathing’.
The heart and breath are completely subdued to the storeroom below the navel.
Preserve this purity and tranquillity naturally, this is called ‘Non-oblivion’.
Follow this purity and tranquillity naturally, this is called ‘Non- assistance’.
Always regard the empty void as place to hide the heart-mind, i.e. put all thoughts in here.
Regard the dark and silent as the home for resting the Spirit.
Not a single thought arises, not a single though is born, and the thoughts are at rest.
This process is repeated; three-fold and two times, repeatedly settling, repeatedly sinking, many times over and over. This notion has nothing to do with the microcosmic orbit.
The heart-fire descends symbolizing the sinking of one’s thoughts to the lower Cinnabar field.
The thoughts and the intent are retrieved to the lower Cinnabar Field,

If one’s thoughts and heart-fire are on the outside, how is one able to ever bring the kettle to a boil?

Gradually the heart-mind and the breath inter-depend on each other; the Spirt and Qi merge after being abundant and ample. One is not knowing and not feeling, in absent-mindedness the ‘True Seed is created naturally.
This True Seed’s seedling pierces through the shell and begins to move. Absent-minded, far, indistinct and natural the person is enchanted and intoxicated in euphoria
This state is too beautiful to be put into words. There is simply no way of describing this.

This content originates from the Perfected Shou Yang’s research, advanced studies and cultivation. He physically verified it step by step.