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Part of the Scripture of Purity and Stillness:
Lord Lao said “The Great Dao has no shape, though it gave birth to Heaven and Earth. The Great Dao has no affections yet it moves the sun and the moon. The Great Dao has no name, though it constantly supports the 10,000 things. I don’t know its name. If I had to name it I would call it a “Way.”

Part of a Scripture on 49 Barriers:
When a “Guan” or Barrier is obstructed, one is unable to arrive at their destination, or achieve their goal. The reference is made to barriers from studying and understanding the Dao, sublimation of the soul, ascendance to contain that which is inherent to a person’s nature, as well as the qualities which have been influenced or corrupted by the ideas and judgments of society…

Part of Ten Trials of Lu Dongbin:
Dong Bin regarded himself as an outsider. When he returned from afar, his neglected family members had all died of illness. Lü Dong Bin had no deep regrets, but sincerely prepared the burial tools, nothing more. In that moment all the dead resurrected in good health.
Dong Bin considered his family members dead and did not move an inch or make the slightest sound. Could it be possible that there were no human sentiments and feelings? This is not so.

Part of  Daoist 8 Virtue:
The philosophical significance of the Eight Columns of Daoist Virtue were transmitted by Li Shi Fu to the first invited group of foreign disciples in 2008, when the Five Immortals Temple opened its doors for the first time to the Western World. There are two distinct ways of interaction between people that work to achieve one goal. Competition between ten people, there is one winner and 9 losers. Cooperation turns all in the group in to achievers.

 Part of Daoist 8 Requirements:
Cultivating only innate nature without cultivating life, this is the first fault of refinement practice, cultivating only your ancestral nature without the cultivation of the elixir pill, for generations the yin spirit will have difficulty to enter sage hood. Teacher that has already transformed his body. It is very hard to find a one to one teacher as it used to be. It is not easy.

Part of Before and After Food Mantra:
“Humans are the highest form of life on Earth, but we still have to eat.
If you do not want to take a plant’s life how would you survive?
The lower life forms exist to help us to preserve our species,
but you should not kill without purpose or deliberately slaughter animals.
You should respect the Ten Thousand Things.”

The Essentials of the Shortcut to the Great Achievement:
The origin of the Dao is based on a single principle and its methods are divided into three categories called primes: Heavenly prime, earthly prime and humanly prime. Each of these three primes is further divided into three levels also referred to as three achievements: The initial achievement, the intermediate achievement and the high achievement. Therefore there is nine different ranks in total that are applied by the various internal alchemy schools. Consequently the internal alchemy scriptures can also be categorized according to the three primes.

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