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Qigong Healing

Qigong Healing

Medical Qigong Healing is a method where people pass through a certain training practicing their gong/skill long-term in order to generate distinct internal qi, a distinct bio-energetic field, a distinct bio-electricity and magnetic field as well as other forces, via various types of applications one can affect the sick person’s physique and trigger a change of their body and mind, thus achieving the result of removing disease, improving health, strengthen the body and prolonging life.

Internal energy healing is cultivated and practiced in select courses. There are also opportunities for the sick to come and receive healing work, no matter how serious the ailment, but more importantly one can learn self-healing practices, ways of changing lifestyle and thought.
 Taoist Magic

Incantation, talismans and mantras

This method is a Taoist Medicine healing method mandatory for the high level Taoist healer. By communicating with the universe’s spiritual bodies and high-dimension existences via mudras, rituals, talismans and mantra arts, the result of removing illness can be obtained.

Qigong Healing

Qigong Healing

 Talismans used on that page are for demonstration purpose only.

The Energetic Field of the Human Body:

The human body is a very sensitive information field. It possesses bio-electricity, bio-luminosity, bio-wave, bio-magnetism and bio-heat. Every instant and every moment they all are carry out. To the naked eye the human energetic field cannot be seen, but this type of power is great and immense, just like the gravitational forces of the ten thousand things. There is not a single moment or a single instant when this type of field is without effects on your human life. If a person’s Qi-qualities are very good, his body healthy, his exterior vigorous, if the person self-cultivates and follows the Way and its virtues, this person’s magnetic field therefore is good. On the contrary if the magnetic field is poor, this means that the exterior has no vigor, is listless and in low spirits. ..

What is it that can affect our field?

(1): The energetic field of your thoughts

Our thoughts have an effect on our endocrine system:

What are you thinking?
What are you believing in?

This in turn will determine what kind of magnetic field you will have. If you are optimistic and your thoughts revolve around trying to improve yourself, your energetic field will also be positive and progressive. On the contrary if your thoughts are negative and pessimistic, your field will therefore be pessimistic and negative.

‚When you plant melons, you will harvest melons.
When you plant beans, you will harvest beans.‘

Subsequently if you want to increase your positive energetic field, you must have exactly optimistic and positive thinking patterns. By knowing these rules and principles you will be able to use the great and magnificent power of thought. Moreover you will be able to become self-confident let alone being able to understand the correct, optimistic and positive use of your thoughts. Thus the communication between the information, vibration and vibrational frequencies of human, heaven and earth, as well as nature and the ten thousand things will be truly unobstructed.

(2): The Power of Love

‚Love is the mightiest power in the universe
because it is in unanimous harmony with the cosmos.‘

Love is your positive power of the human energetic field. Only by showing love, you will be able to attract love. That is why you must love all people that surround you:
Love your friends, father and mother, your beloved ones, relatives, fellow workers;
Love your adversaries and enemies, love planet earth and ten thousand things, for each and every flower and grass. The more you show love, the more power of this field of universal love you will accumulate and at the same time the gain of love will be equally greater.
The masters said:

‚When virtue is high, Gong will be equally high.
When the water rises, the boat floats up.‘
In any situation one must not disregard or conceal one’s conscience,
Since you could not possibly hide from your thoughts.
Raise your head three Chinese feet and there will be spirit lights.
Be reverent towards them.
Benevolence is rewarded with good, wickedness with evil.
If you have expenses, you will be compensated.‘

Loving other people is exactly loving yourself. Helping others is exactly helping yourself. In society and in everyday life you will by chance encounter people with higher powers. All of them are always so positive and optimistic, always so compassionate, kind-hearted and forgiving, always possessing the power to make an impact. If you envy them, and if you are equally deeply attracted to them, simultaneously also hoping to become like them…
This is what is meant by:

‚He who is stained by cinnabar turns red.
He who is stained by ink turns black.‘

The power of the energetic field will mutually affect the outcome.