Ji Ben Gong – Basic Kung Fu (Gong Fu) foundation skill

Practice of Ji Ben Gong

Practice of Ji Ben Gong

Kungfu Basics (pinyin: Ji Ben Gong) make up the foundation necessary to study martial arts movements. They will endow students with all basic abilities, strength, speed, fluid coordination, endurance, agility and so on. Furthermore the necessary basic essentials will be covered. The content includes exercises utilizing the shoulder, arms, hips, legs and other body parts, hand styles, hand-movement techniques, stepping patterns, stepping methods, body-movement styles, body-movement methods, jumps, balance, tumbling and rolling practice. Running up and down the mountain every morning is required for creating endurance, agility, hand-foot coordination and balance. Also hauling our vegetables and grains up the mountain is required of students for mind and body training.

“Grinding an iron pole into a needle is not one day’s achievement, the value lies in unremitting pursuit”.


• Tendon stretching
• Strength, endurance and stamina training
• Basic kick and advanced kick combination
• Punches, chops, elbows and drills
• Advanced Tan Tui system
• Reflex and agility training
• Stance training (mabu, gongbu, pubu, xiebu, xubu)
• Basic body conditioning
• Jump kicks and sweeps
• Elbow and knee techniques
• And much more…