Wudang QingGong – Light Qigong – “Supple-Finesse-Internal-Pillar-Launching-Leaping-Art” – “Parkour”

Wudang Qinggong - Light Qigong

Wudang Qinggong – Light Qigong

In ancient times it was known by the name of “Supple-Finesse-Internal-Pillar-Launching-Leaping-Art”, the teachers said that after the completion of training, the body would be light like a swallow, in eights steps one could catch up with a cicada mid-air, launching like a scallion pulled out of dry ground, overcoming walls, scaling houses, stepping on duckweed to cross water, flying on eaves, walking on walls, treading on snow without leaving traces.

The external cultivation methods:
Peak, Tiptoes, Expelling, Bridge, Mountain, Trigram, Flow, Bamboo, Mound, Star, Crook, Stack, Tile, Net, Wire, Squeezing, Hanging, Pavement, Band and so on.

Internal cultivation Moving-Still Pillars:
Embracing the Original, Overcoming the mountain, Crane unfolds, pressing the lotus and so on.
Practicing Gong is extremely arduous and painstaking, the time it takes is very long, and the requirements for age, tendons, bone structure, physique and the cultivation of the Dao and Virtue are particularly high. Starting one’s practice approximately at the age of 9, one can achieve “ Light QiGong ”, it would take 8-10 years, but half-way injury and sickness forces many to drop out, in the end only 3 out of ten make it.
Commencing training after the age of 16 it must be called parkour. One can only raise one’s own level of jumping power, balance and smooth coordination.

In the past people, proficient through practice in “ QingGong ” but lacking martial virtue, easily turned into robbers, known by the name of “cat burglars”, “gentleman on the beam”, “flower thief-rapists”. Therefore masters demanded: “No transmission to misfits”.
Cultivating this Gong must be assisted by taking Elixir Medicine and a herbal brew. The secretly transmitted herbal brew consist of 24 herbal ingredients, The Elixir medicine of 36 components, it can be compounded only if prepared according to specific quantities from a secret recipe.